Are you doing everything you can for your employees with cancer?

Iris provides the supportive care your employees need when they need it the most.

Support, clarity, and guidance for the moments in between.

Iris by OncoHealth is a virtual service providing your employees an extra layer of support after a cancer diagnosis. Delivered through both a web browser and an app on their smartphone, Iris connects employees with cancer experts and vetted resources designed to help them improve their quality of life. While their oncology team manages their treatment plan, we’re here to help them minimize symptoms and side effects, cope with changes, and understand what to expect next.

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Support Your Employees and Their Caregivers

With cancer comes tests, surgeries, and chemotherapy. On top of that, your employees with cancer are worried about taking time off, sharing their diagnosis with their family and co-workers, and whether the side effects they’re experiencing are normal. Iris complements your employees’ primary oncology team by offering holistic support and care outside of regularly scheduled visits and around the clock. 

With Iris, your employees have access to:

  • 24/7 personalized medical care from licensed oncology nurses
  • Unlimited visits with oncology-trained mental health therapists
  • Access to registered dietitian nutritionists for support when eating has become difficult
  • Resources addressing the financial cost and impact of cancer
  • Disease and treatment-specific content and activities curated by Iris clinicians

Better care leads to better results for everyone.

This looks like an enhanced employee experience, decreased absenteeism, and fewer emergency department visits, and a reduction in total cost of care. Reach out to learn how you can offer Iris through your company’s contracted health plan