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So Iris is really free to all users?

That’s right! Iris is a no-cost member benefit through participating health plans. There are no hidden fees or upcharges to access oncology nurses, mental health therapists, peer mentors, or personalized recommendations and resources.

How do I sign up to be notified when my health plan offers Iris?

You can sign up to be alerted here. You can also join our newsletter to receive tips, resources, and other Iris-approved content as they’re released.

When was Iris released?

Iris was released in 2022. Our initial users have rated their experience as 4.8/5 stars.

Can I create an account if my health plan isn’t currently participating?

Currently Iris is only available as a member benefit through participating health plans.

Is this a replacement for my doctor?

No, Iris is not intended to be a replacement for your primary oncologist. Your doctor leads your care and we’re here to support you during the moments in between. Whether you have an urgent question outside of office hours, need help coping, or simply want to schedule some time to chat with someone who’s been where you are, Iris is available 24 hours a day.