Title: Taboo Topics: Cancer x Sex
Duration: 30 minutes

Talking about sex, romance, and intimacy, as it relates to cancer — because chatting about sex is usually hush-hush! We’re here to help address how cancer and treatment can affect your libido and the act itself.

Join us to watch our oncology experts, Jenna Rush, Lead Oncology RN and Loreal Massiah, Senior Oncology Therapist discuss the challenges and concerns patients and their partners may be facing when navigating sex and intimacy during cancer.

Our virtual event will focus on fostering communication with your partner, offering practical advice, and highlighting the resources to maintain healthy relationships during cancer treatment. 


Jenna Rush, RN
Oncology RN Team Lead
Iris Oncology

Jenna Rush is a certified oncology nurse with 10 years of oncology experience. She has a background in nurse leadership, Phase 1 clinical trials, infusion, oncology clinic management, and patient care coordination. As a nurse, she has worked in many areas including pediatrics, cardiac/thoracic, and vascular surgery. Jenna then transitioned into oncology in 2012. She found her home in oncology nursing. Oncology nursing opened a new passion that she had not realized up to that point in her career. Jenna is devoted to patient education, advocating for patients, and supporting holistic care.


Loreal Massiah, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C, TTS
Senior Oncology Social Worker
Iris Oncology

Loreal Massiah is a licensed clinical social worker with 14 years of oncology experience focused on supporting patients and their families throughout the cancer journey. Loreal attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and The University of Georgia for her master’s degree. She has a certification in oncology social work as well as tobacco cessation counseling. Loreal has built her social work career in a variety of roles and settings across the cancer care continuum, including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, UNC Healthcare, Duke University Medical System and currently serving as a senior oncology social worker with OncoHealth. She has had the pleasure of working alongside cancer survivors in advocacy roles to promote change in access to affordable treatment throughout the country. She has found oncology social work to be rewarding both professionally and personally.