Title: Taboo Topics: Cancer x Embarrassing Side Effects
Duration: 30 minutes

Let’s talk about those embarrassing side effects no one told you about — because leaky bowels, flatulence, and drooling are more normal than we admit. We’re ready to break open this conversation so that no one feels ashamed or isolated due to the side effects of cancer or treatment.

Join us for an expert-led discussion with Senior Oncology RN, Jessica Suarez and Medical Director, Meera Ravindranathan, MD for an engaging conversation diving into some of the more private aspects of living with cancer and shedding light on the hidden struggles you or your loved one may be facing.

Our virtual event will focus on normalizing side effects, explaining why certain side effects happen during treatment, and providing practical advice on how to deal with them.


Jessica Suarez, BSN, RN, OCN
Senior Oncology RN
Iris Oncology

Jessica Suarez is a Senior Oncology Registered Nurse at Iris Oncology with 14 years of experience delivering compassionate nursing care. She has over 6 years of experience working with patients who have been affected by cancer, particularly patients who have undergone care for head & neck cancer, esophageal cancer, and lung cancer. Jessica is Oncology Certified with an additional certification in chemotherapy and biotherapy administration. She is passionate about working with patients and their loved ones to address and overcome barriers to care.


Meera Ravindranathan, MD
Medical Director
Iris Oncology

Dr. Meera Ravindranathan is a Medical Director at Iris. Dr. Ravindranathan has more than 15 years of experience treating a wide range of cancers. Dr. Ravindranathan is a graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. She then did her residency in Internal Medicine as well as fellowship training in medical oncology at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Ravindranathan worked in academia in the early part of her career where she was involved in research and teaching at the University of New Mexico Cancer Treatment Center. In addition, she was selected to complete the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Methods in Clinical Cancer Research Workshop. Dr. Ravindranathan has authored numerous articles that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. She then was in private practice in San Diego, California where she still participated in clinical trials but focused mainly on treating adult cancer patients. She maintains a part-time clinical practice in California. Her passion is delivering excellent care and quality improvement in medicine.