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That means addressing side effects before they interrupt your plans and getting questions answered when your mind’s racing. When you need immediate support, our licensed oncology team is one click away.

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Consider Iris an extension of your medical team. While your oncologist leads your treatment, the Iris Care Team covers the moments in between. That looks like addressing side effects as soon as they come up, finding the best way to cope with changes, and figuring out what to expect next.

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Join our live events or browse articles featuring practical tips on managing side effects and taboo topics like medical marijuana and sexual health after cancer.

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When you log into Iris, you’ll have access to tips, guidance, and trusted advice specific to your cancer type and treatment. Rather than waiting for your next appointment or endless scrolling, turn to Iris. It’s always free.

Side Effects

Speak with our oncology nurses any time to discuss symptoms or side effects that you may be experiencing.


Peer Support

Talk to someone who’s been where you are. Iris peer mentors have lived through a diagnosis and can provide support and encouragement.

Mental Health

Connect with a mental health therapist when you need help communicating with your medical team, have concerns about changes, or are having difficulty coping.

Personalized Content

Browse articles, tips and exercises written and curated by the Iris Clinical Editorial Board.

About Us

Iris provides on-demand oncology and mental health support that supplements your relationships with your medical team and treatment plan.

Specializing in cancer care.

We know that when you have cancer, you’re looking for the most current advice and experienced providers. Iris brings together seasoned experts that can address all areas of your health and life.

Our Mission

We believe high-quality cancer care should not be determined based on a zip code. Using technology, we’re helping more people access support the moment a question, concern, or change comes up.

Our Team

The Iris Care Team is trained to address every aspect of life that cancer may affect. Care is overseen and delivered by board-certified oncologists, advanced practice providers, pharmacists, nurses, registered dietitians, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers.

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Iris is currently available at no cost to members of participating health plans and select groups. To sign up, you’ll need to enter information from your health insurance plan ID card or an enrollment code. Click here to get started.

Iris can be accessed both through a web browser and via mobile apps on Apple® iPhone® and Google® Android™ smartphones.